Since my childhood (about 10, just a guess) I have been dieting. Ah, yes, battling the bulge, binging, eating only grapefruit, not eating much at all – I have spent a lifetime dieting. Trying this fad or that, watching other women around me make poor decisions for the sake of vanity as I graduated pant sizes.

When I was old enough to learn the difference between dieting and being healthy, I made that change losing 75 pounds (slowly, purposefully) in the process. My hobby went from dieting to learning about nutrition, exercise, wellness and self-esteem. Along the way I began working with girls as a mentor, volunteer, and employee, in addition to doling out my usual advice to friends. Two major passions clicked, and after speaking to a registered dietitian in September 2010 I realized the wealth of knowledge and story I posses and wanted to share with you.

This blog is just what the title suggests: mind over booty. I have, and plan to continue to accomplish health and happiness by thinking beyond the guilt and size of my booty to make the balanced choices for tomorrow. I am passionate about creative healthy cooking, the environment, equality, and abuse awareness. If you want to share your story on a related topic or have questions for me email MindOverBooty [@] gmail.com.

I hope that you’ll join me in honoring our minds and cute bootys as I share recipes, inspiration, and a continued journey to health.

Cheers to another healthy, happy and active day!


***I am not an expert. This blog is based on my personal experiences about what has worked for me, and what I value. Remember to consult a doctor if you are beginning a long weight loss journey. Good luck!