Ode to Oats

Nov 13, 2012 by

As the seasons change and temperatures drop in the good ol’ Midwest, I am reminded of what it means to eat intuitively. Not only does intuitive eating meaning listening to your hunger cues, but also listening to your overall body. I was born rather cold. Not in a snide way, rather that I spent most of my time living in the desert where a colder internal temperature served me well. Now, living in a place that experiences winter – the the MAX – I notice that I am constantly in a state of cold. According to Chinese medicine, colder temperatures should encourage the consumption of warmer teas. So, that means that almond milk hot cocoa IS what your body is craving. 😉

In all seriousness, I work with a number of professionals that believe in the principles of Chinese medicine. I sure do hear a lot about the changing seasons and the effect on your body. I find in the winter months, I crave a warm bowl of oatmeal. Maybe topped with flax seeds or nut butter. More than anything that bowl of oatmeal warms my body up to brave the cold outside.

People argue over rolled/old fashioned oats and steel cut oats – which is the healthiest. And, peanut butter or walnuts – which has more healthy fats. Plus, did you know that you can do more than put bananas in those oats? Try a vegetable or two!

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