Weekend Conquered: 30 Day Challenge

Aug 21, 2012 by

Two weeks ago I gave myself a goal. I know I’ve mentioned it before and some of you have commented that you work the same way I do – I am a goal oriented person. So, I ponied up and decided that for 30 days I would truly take care of myself. No off days, no vacations from health, no thrown away eating days on the weekend. Now I also thought that the month of August would be a good choice for such a challenge since there were no special occasions on the horizon. September is jam-packed with birthdays, weddings and holidays, and I wanted to get my mind right before then. However, I inadvertently planned a little road trip up to Wisconsin to visit a very talented artist friend. Lucky for me, said friend loves a good walk and a healthy meal. I swear we could spend hours in a grocery store together and not even know the time! Of all the friends to visit, I knew she’d be down with my healthy habits.



We did some walking and people watching.

We cooked up a healthy dinner of spaghetti squash, stir fried veggies and oven-crisp tempeh.

And, I remembered that the weekend can be fun and adventurous without mounds of interesting, sweet or high-caloric food.  :)



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