Destination Revealed!

Aug 17, 2012 by

So, last we left off, I mentioned that we are not planning to get married locally. And, I left you all with a bit of a cliff hanger. Well, now I’m ready to let the cat outta the bag. We’re getting married in the U.S. Virgin Islands!!!


We’re pretty psyched about all the possibilities that these beautiful islands hold. The venue we’ve selected is not on a beach, rather on a mountain top with stunning views of the crystal water and blue skies. Our hope is that those nearest and dearest to us will get an awesome vacation and help us celebrate this special occasion. For anyone considering going the destination route – all I have to say so far is: trust your gut. We knew something far away was right for us, and we weren’t too afraid to fight for it. There definitely were some people we felt like we had to get support from on our decision, and once we explained ourselves everyone important jumped on board. Overall the reaction has been pretty positive, but there are those people who just don’t get it. To them I say – it’s not your wedding…in the politest tone possible. 😉

Next week I’ll chat you up about where we are in the planning process.

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