Destined To Be…Far Away?

Aug 10, 2012 by

So, remember last month when I announced I got engaged?! Yes, yes that did happen. And since then the blog has been on snooze a little. Why’s that? Well, we’ve been in wedding frenzy mode.



I always thought I’d be a calm and collected bride with lots of time to figure it all out…Uh yeah. And then, life happened and simultaneously I am engaged, working full time, writing and web-developing part-time and going to grad school part-time. That’s a lot of TIME! Because of my schedule (so self-centered of me ;), our options were a longer engagement (2+ years) or a shorter engagement (less than a year). For some people a year doesn’t seem short at all, but for us, we envisioned a sweet spot of a year and a half so we could enjoy being engaged before jumping into planning. We quickly learned the way the wedding industry operates – if you have a particular date/time in mind you better lock it in a year in advance (at least)! Stories from other married or engaged friends started trickling in about finding the perfect venue that wasn’t available for 3 years!!! Knowing that we wanted something different helped us eliminate many of these hard-to-snag-venues – not to mention that we are working on a reasonable budget.

We started with preliminary research – ya know, the casual variety. We’d be sitting on the coach catching up on Project Runway…and, oh my, what-have-we-here-but-a-possible-wedding-venue?! From the start I knew what I wanted out of a venue – and that was one not anywhere near Chicago where we currently reside. :) I didn’t want to brain wash Grant Park. He needed to come to his own decision, especially since there were and will be more naysayers. I wanted us to have a strong front in selecting our venue – one that we both loved!


Eliminated location – farmy wedding idea


Knowing that a destination wedding was where we were leaning, we wanted to have a point of comparison. So, I scheduled some site visits at nearby destination locations (1-4 hours away). In the car we started writing pro/con lists. They were epic! And, even though a far-away-destination had a lot more possible issues, the pro column was miles long. I knew where our hearts lied. Farmy and woodsy could be cute…but just not IT for us.

In Mexico – sunny, warm, beachy!

After visiting the local venues – we knew. Destination ALL THE WAY. So, we started considering locations. Working in our favor were the following:

1. Grant Park LOVES the ocean. I’m proud to have been the one to really introduce him to ocean amazingness.

2. I LOVE warm places. My teeth chatter at 55 degrees. :)

3. Travel has been a part of our relationship from the start – we started long distance, got engaged in an airport. It feels like a part of our history to have a wedding somewhere else.

4. I don’t like Chicago. There. I said it. Call me crazy, but I just don’t. I’d rather have my memory of my wedding be positive – in a place I’d like to visit again.

5. We don’t want to get married in the sand. This actually eliminates quite a few warm-weather locations. A positive in my book since there are a number of beach-only options out there!

Wondering where we picked?! Stay tuned for my next wedding post to find out. :)





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  1. Kristin Wakefied

    Omg I want to know already. I cant wait to hear where the big day is going to be. I am so excited and happy for you.

  2. Nicole

    Seriously? You are going to leave us in agony over where? Although my opinion completely doesn’t matter, I commend you in deciding to be different. Scott and I eloped!!! Yes that’s right, eloped. Its not for everyone but it definitely was for us. We got married on the rim of the Grand Canyon in February. It was cold but perfect. We personally didn’t want a long engagement. Follow your heart and stay strong. Your friends and family will come around to everything if they like some aspects of it or not. Its your day and the wedding industry actually forgets that. Oh and it also forgets that its one day!!! You have a lifetime to build together so focus on that part the most!!!! So excited and can’t wait to hear about more updates. :)

  3. EEEK! Can’t wait to read moreeee!

  4. Ahhh, can’t wait to find out where you picked! I agree that Destination is the way to go, but I still keep hoping that someday your general feelings about Chicago will turnaround!

  5. I can’t wait to see where you guys picked!!!

    I don’t love Chicago either. There are a lot of convenience factors associated with living here but eh.. it won’t be a long term thing for me!

  6. Of all the things you listed you both liked it sounds like it will be wonderful! can’t wait to see where you picked!!