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Jul 9, 2012 by

So, I am certainly guilty of posting less frequently recently, but I’ve been enjoying life! Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses…or play with an adorable new pooch!

MEET LUKA! He’s half pekingese (like his sis) and half poodle (aka crazy jumpy).  The MOB house is now equally numbered in humans and dogs. And, with a face like that you can guess who’s getting a lot of attention these days. ;)

Good thing Luka has an equally cute sister. We’re doing our best to give equal amounts of squeezes and attention to both doggies. However, Luka is a bit of an attention-ho. He just loves to be petted – so much so that he has a few cat-like mannerisms. Curled back, nuzzling face, but it’s a good thing the similarities to felines end there. This ain’t no cat house!

In other news… Grant Park asked me to marry  him?! It’s totally surreal and exciting and normal. Life does not change in every single way, especially if you’ve been living with your partner for a while. (Just a heads up to all you romantic-movie-type ladies). But it’s still a lovely life-changing event. And…you sitting there squinting at that hand are correct – that is not a diamond. I march to the beat of my own drum, so we went the custom-pretty-pinkish-stone route. I’d be happy to share more details about that if anyone has questions or interest. :) Still debating if I want to share wedding planning (aka stressing) on a regular basis with y’all.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL ring! congratulations! :) i really like the idea of having an “alternative” engagement ring. and yours is so pretty!

  2. I am SO happy for you Marisa. What amazing news all around, and I love love love your non-traditional ring!

  3. Shanai

    We still need a phone date!!!

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