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Happy Thursday Blogworld!




I have some exciting news for both you and me! I’ll go first. Yesterday, sitting over coffee with a new friend who has tackled so many aspirations, I realized that I truly need to put myself out there more. You see, I hold back professionally. I self-deprecate and think myself less than many others who manipulate words and photos more easily, more fluidly, more beautifully. Does this sound familiar to any of you? Part of being an adult, I believe, is knowing when to continue chasing after a dream and when to give it up in favor of a more realistic goal. One of those dreams for me is being featured in some of my favorite national health magazines. While it’s not in print, and it’s not the shiniest introduction to a magazine – I am so proud to say that Mind Over Booty is nominated for Fitness Magazine’s Fitterati Blog Awards for Best Healthy Living Blog! You can vote by clicking here. I’d certainly appreciate your support.


Speaking of support…to show you I care too, I’m giving away not one, but 16 LARABARS!

Recently, Larabar sent me samples of some of the newer varieties, and I have to say: cappuccino is where it’s at! The rich flavor and healthy fats cure my nagging sweet tooth most afternoons. I highly recommend this flavor – especially chilled in the fridge – it becomes a doughy coffee chunk of yumminess, all with a recognizable and short ingredient list (my biggest snack qualifiers).


To enter this awesome giveaway leave a comment about your ultimate career dream. For an extra entry, tweet or facebook the following: “Enter to win 16 Larabars from @MindOverBooty in celebration of her @FitnessMagazine nomination!” After you tweet or facebook, be sure to leave a comment letting me know.

The contest will close at 5pm on March 25, 2012. Happy snacking!




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  1. I eventually would like to earn my PhD and become a professor of Public Health. For now though I’m taking some time off from school (post-masters) and enjoying my 20’s :)

    • Marisa

      Congrats on getting your Masters! I have my sights set on an MPH.

  2. Elise

    Oh I have had lots of career dreams, from working as a tech designer for lululemon (free clothes! thinking about fitness all day long!) to being published, or being a supervisor or director, or working in a museum library. I’m actually working on getting published right now, just wish it didn’t include so much writing ;).

  3. Leslie

    I’d love to open some kind of healthy food cafe/bakery. Everything would be delicious, healthy and vegan. It’s great to go to a bakery and have some dairy free options, but it makes me sad when my choices are chocolate or vanilla and the regular options are key lime pie, double chocolate mudslide, etc. I would also love to leverage my space to run free healthy cooking classes for the community. Now, if I could only pay off grad school a little faster :)

    • Marisa

      I’ve always wanted to open a healthy bakery! There are never enough options when you’re conscious of what’s in your food. And I have to say, vegan red velvet at every bakery is not appealing.

  4. I’m so proud of you, Marisa! I voted for you!!!

    And what a beautiful rainbow of Larabars.

    My career goal is to manage a small team (currently I’m a ‘team lead’…but in time hope to become a ‘manager’!).

  5. I’m tweeting too.

    Or another dream might be to be a Buyer for Whole Foods Market. They have a regional office in Chicago for that!

  6. I definitely hear ya on the self-depreciating thoughts. It really holds me back and I’ve noticed in situations where I am confident I can get things done better/faster and don’t spend time second guessing myself at every step. I’ve realized that this is something quite a few people deal with!
    My ultimate career dream is still evolving, eventually I would like to go back to school to either get my Masters in engineering or get an MBA. I love working in design but also want to work more with people. I have a lot of side dreams as well like owning a cake decorating business and working in Colorado!

    • Oh and congrats on the blog nomination! It’s quite the honor!
      And Larabars are the best, but I haven’t been able to find the cappuccino flavor at the grocery store yet :(

  7. Beth

    Hm, my ultimate career dream…is it a cop out to say I just want to be happy in my job? I work in a technical job and I really enjoy the problem solving. I would definitely love to be in position where I have a higher impact, a little more say and authority. I’m progressing towards that, and maybe when I’m a little more confident and secure with my abilities I’ll take a leap and join a start up!